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Savory  [SAY-vuh-ree]     An herb of which there are two types, summer and winter, both closely related to the mint family. Savory has an aroma and flavor reminiscent of a cross between thyme and mint. Summer savory is slightly milder than the winter variety but both are strongly flavored and should be used with discretion. Dried savory is available year-round; fresh savory can be found in specialty produce markets. Savory adds a piquant flavor to many foods including pâtés, soups, meat, fish and bean dishes.

    If you've got it, but don't know what to do with it, below are some traditional dishes that the herb complements nicely.

Salads aspics; bean; chicken; mixed greens; potato; slaw; tomato; tuna; vegetable
Soups & Stews bean; chicken; consommé; lentil; pea; potato; tomato; vegetable
Fish & Poultry most poultry, fish and shellfish
Meats beef; lamb; pork; veal; venison
Vegetables artichokes; asparagus; beets; cabbage; carrots; green beans; peas; potatoes; tomatoes
Pasta; Grains;
Dried Beans
almost all pasta, grains and dried beans
Cheese & Egg Dishes almost all cheese and egg dishes
Sauces almost all savory sauces
Miscellaneous herb butter; marinades; savory breads; stuffings

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