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Clove  [klõv]     Considered one of the world's most important spices, cloves are the dried, unopened flower bud of the tropical evergreen clove tree. Reddish brown and nail-shaped, their name comes from clavus , the Latin word for nail. Cloves are sold whole or ground and can be used to flavor a multitude of dishes ranging from sweet to savory.

    If you've got it, but don't know what to do with it, below are some traditional dishes that the spice complements nicely.

Salads chicken; fruit
Soups & Stews beef; chicken; onion; pea; potato; tomato
Meats lamb; pork; tongue
Vegetables beets; carrots; green beans; onions; pumpkin; sweet potatoes;
winter squash
Pasta; Grains;
Dried Beans
beans (baked); polenta
Sauces barbecue; chili; chocolate; fruit; meat; sweet; tomato
Desserts chocolate; fruit; gingerbread; pumpkin; spice cakes and cookies
Miscellaneous chutneys; coffees; fruit juices; hot chocolate; jams; marinades;
mulled wine; sweet breads

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