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Cayenne Pepper  [KI-yehn]     A hot, pungent powder made from several of various tropical chiles that originated in French Guyana. Cayenne pepper is also called red pepper.

    If you've got it, but don't know what to do with it, below are some traditional dishes that the herb complements nicely.

Salads bean; egg; meat; pasta; seafood
Soups & Stews bean; chili; meat; potato; tomato; vegetable
Fish & Poultry chicken; curried poultry dishes; fish; shellfish; turkey
Meats beef; lamb; pork
Vegetables cabbage; carrots; cucumbers; green beans; greens; lima beans;
potatoes; spinach
Pasta; Grains;
Dried Beans
beans; pasta; polenta; rice
Cheese & Egg Dishes most savory egg and cheese dishes
Sauces barbecue; cheese; chili; curry; meat; mustard; salsa; tomato
Miscellaneous chutneys; herb butters; marinades; stuffings; tomato juice

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