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     Throughout these pages you will find various collections of recipes personally formatted for MasterCook™ that are available to those of you who may wish to download them.   It is my intent to add newly formatted recipes files to this site on at least a monthly basis.   The recipe files are presented as zipped files and are held to not much more than 100 recipes at the maximum for ease of managing on both ends.
OK.   So you found my site but you don't have the MasterCook™ recipe software.  
Well don't dispair, just Click Here to download a free viewer for those recipe files.
     Since August of 1999 our uploaded recipe files have been exported in the dual MC4 - MC5/6 format.  While these recipes may appear strange if viewed in a text editor, MasterCook 4 will be able to import these recipes without any problems, and previous versions of MasterCook (MC II & MC-3) can import these strange looking recipes also, provided the recipe files are not too large (about 15 to 25 recipes).  Since that isn't the case with any of my files, I'll let you in on a little secret.  After unzipping the file(s), open it/them in a text editor.  Carefully scroll down removing (deleting) everything preceeding the first  * Exported From MasterCook *  heading that you come to.  Save the resulting file as a text file and then your MC II & MC-3 programs should accept them en masse.   There is also a new version of MM-Buster available from Glen Hosey that will easily convert these recipes for any of the remaining Meal-Master users that may wish to download these recipes.

   To download these recipes, click on the selection that you want and save the file to the disk and/or directory of your choice.   Once downloaded, unzip them, the resulting ".MXP", and now the new ".MX2", recipe files should then import into your MasterCook™ cookbooks without any additional work on your part with the exception of the MC II, MC-3 and Meal-Master users as noted above.

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